Millefori: rounded tracks in your PCB

Da raspibo.

Millefori was introduced by my posting: Millefori: draw, print, mill and drill your experimental PCBs.

The new version of millefori (Click HERE to download Millefori) includes a new feature: rounded tracks.

In fact angles in tracks can produce signal reflections on high frequencies.

There are two new command options for the millegcode program:


Both options generate rounded tracks. Lower case r uses segments (gcode g1) to generate the rounded end of a track, while upper case R uses gcode arc commands (g2/g3).

My 3d-printer uses the Marlin firmware. G2/G3 arcs are roughly approximated, the result is poor. Instead -r seems to work well. The gcode file is quite longer, this is the only minor drawback.

Here is an example of a PCB milled using this new feature!


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